Dr. Nadine Ijaz is an award-winning scholar and educator working towards more inclusive and socially-just health systems.
 Curriculum Vitae.



Dr. Nadine Ijaz conducts research in the area of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine, where she takes a critical, transdisciplinary approach to studying health policy, medical epistemology and education. She brings to this work a rigorous training in qualitative research methodologies, a knowledge of contemporary bioscientific approaches, and a social justice informed lens. Three primary themes are central across Dr. Ijaz’s research:

  • The subordination of traditional/indigenous medical knowledges (in postcolonial context);
  • Access to affordable, culturally-safe health care (in particular for members of historically marginalized groups); and
  • The political deployment of risk-related discourses in contemporary health policy debates. 

Dr. Ijaz received her PhD from the University of Toronto’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, where she was honoured with a number of awards and fellowships. She earned a MSc, in the field of herbal medicine, from the University of Wales. Her interdisciplinary undergraduate degree was awarded with distinction from McMaster University’s renowned Arts and Science program.

As a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, Dr. Ijaz is currently Co-Investigator on a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to study the statutory regulation of traditional and complementary medical professions. She currently teaches in McMaster University’s interdisciplinary Arts and Science program; and has contributed on several mixed methods research and quality improvement teams in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, chiropractic and physiotherapy.

In addition to her scholarly work, Dr. Ijaz has almost two decades of clinical and post-secondary teaching experience in the fields of nutrition, herbal medicine and shiatsu therapy. She was previously staff nutritionist at InspireHealth, Canada’s first integrative cancer care centre, and has extensive hands-on experience with food, both in the kitchen and on the farm.  In addition, she has worked for such non-governmental organizations as Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors without Borders, Islamic Relief Canada, End the Arms Race, and the Environmental Youth Alliance.